Letter from the Editor

  • Ahmed Tabbabi


We are pleased to announce a new academic journal, the Journal of Vector Ecology and Control, sponsored by SciencePower Publishing House, LLC journal collection. This open access, peer-reviewed, and online journal will support the publication of high-quality vector ecology reports with advances and new developments in predicting, preventing, and controlling arthropod vectors and the agents of disease that they transmit. In addition to full-length research articles, the journal invites you to submit reviews, short communications, and letters to the editor.

The journal’s scope is broad, and coverage includes, but is not limited to, Medical Entomology, Vector Ecology, Parasitology, and Epidemiology. Our professional linguistic service is proficient in checking all kinds of grammar and language issues. Most importantly, all the editors and editorial staffs are friendly and enthusiastic about their work.

What is the Purpose of the New JournalThe main objective of the Vector Ecology and Control journal is to support the expansion of the knowledge base and skills in vector behavior and their role in pathogen transmission cycles, particularly in the context of political, socioeconomic, environmental, and climate change factors. Otherwise, it is imperative to understand the transmission dynamics of specific vector-borne diseases and, based on these results, design appropriate control and prevention measures that we need to spread among biomedical scientists and physicians.

The journal was launched to disseminate useful scientific knowledge, and we hope to contribute to the promotion of the well-being of people affected by vector-borne diseases.

You have done your research, analyzed your data, and evaluated your hypotheses. So now you are ready to publish your results in Vector Ecology and Control journal. Peer review and publishing are necessary steps to validate your results, share your work with the scholarly community, and earn recognition for your work. 


How to Cite
Tabbabi, A. (2021). Letter from the Editor. Vector Ecology and Control, 1(1), 1. https://doi.org/10.36013/jvec.v1i1.59