Letter from the Editors

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Keywords: Journal, 2021, opened access


Dear Colleagues!


Happy New Year! A sunny new day!                                                 

With new bright thoughts, new horizons!                                                   

With new ideas and progressive projects!

With new warm light feelings!  With new hopes!

Yes, the world is faced with horrendous challenges in 2020: environmental and, one by one, natural disasters, pandemic, hunger, political and financial crises, permanent "hot" and "cold" wars between countries, governments, minds ...

But new promising solutions were also born: truces, negotiations, small and not so victories, alliances of progressive forces, new vaccines and medications, new experiences in all earthly spheres of life, and the development on the Moon and Mars!

The editorial board of JIMSA, a clinical journal born in this challenging time of trials for the survival of the planet Earth, believes that the Human mind will prevail. Good thoughts and intentions will prevail. And we will all share experiences of big and small victories in the name of preserving the lives of our loved ones, our compatriots, our equals in mind, and so different in the mental and spiritual makeup of earthlings.

JIMSA in New 2021 is a stable international platform for professional communication!

We are opened to new scientific and clinical research discussions and ideas. We, under no circumstances, will put up with informational deprivation. We are pleased with your desire to share research findings, new ideas, discuss results and cases with the international medical community to benefit our patients.

We welcome international cooperation in the critical fields of Global Human Health using our journal's pages. We are open to effective partnerships with authors, experts, reviewers, and medical practitioners to advance medical knowledge.

We sincerely wish every, every, every one: no grief, no melancholy and only good intentions, incredible travel and new interesting acquaintances, a surge of energy and creative strength, each of the presented New 365 days of the New Year.


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