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Dear Colleagues! Our Authors and Friends!

New Year 2022 rushes towards humanity. This universal arrangement of life on our planet presupposes changes. Their essence is in hopes for the best.

We wish all of us not just hopes but confidence in the victory of good over evil, reasons over greed and cruelty. We hope that the Planet will overcome humankind's most severe viral attack – the SARS-CoV2 pandemic. We hope that the future brings us victories over epidemics, serious diseases, hunger, and lack of water. We hope that all types of violence, military conflicts, political, economic, religious confrontations will be stopped in a New Year.

We are opening the third year of our journal, which was focused on different aspects of medicine. Last year we published eight papers from seven countries experts, each substantially contributed to medicine. We talked about COVID-19 pandemic, vital pediatric problems, and adult medicine. We will continue our mission to support and distribute the most valuable medical knowledge in the New Year.

May the New Year celebrations bring only joy and harmony to your homes, souls, and the reasoning, which illuminate confidence in the future for our beautiful multinational green Planet - Earth!

"Every end is a new beginning…."

We wish you and your family a Happy Holidays!

We hope that your New Year will be filled with peace, new ideas, and success!


Editorial office


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