Start Your Journal

With SciencePower Publishing House, LLC you can easily start your own journal. Scholars, institutions, conference organizers and scientific societies can all propose and launch new scientific journals.

A committed and experienced Editor-in-Chief is compulsory to lead the venture. Good project and content management skills are a basic requirement. The essentials for launching a journal is time and professional dedication.

Do you intend to start a new journal? If yes, then do let us know! Send us a proposal. We'll be back to you with their feedback within a week.

Your proposal should include a motivational letter to start a new journal together with:

  1. Your CV with a list of publications and editorial experience
  2. Completed new journal proposal idea

Proposals should be sent to a

If the proposal is accepted, the proposer along with the publisher will appoint Editor-in-Chief. As such, his or her first responsibility will be to obtain the commitment of the members of the Editorial Board. The Editor-in-Chief will take responsibility over the published content and will encourage submissions from the best and brightest authors in the field.

As your publisher, SciencePower Publishing House LLC will provide the journal with an ISSN number and will take care of all administrative tasks during the launch period. Our professional staff and an advanced Manuscript Tracking System for submitting and reviewing articles will be at your disposal. We will provide online visibility by creating the web pages of the journal as part of the website.

SciencePower Publishing House LLC. will design the journal, will provide a team of technical editors and will prepare the content for publication. Our experienced team of scientific publishing professionals will work on getting the journal indexed in the most important and relevant scientific databases.

The journal could follow either the Open Access model or the Paid Access model this will be established with mutual understanding of the Editor-in-Chief and SciencePower Publishing House LLC.

For any further questions please contact at