SciencePower Publishing House, LLC is a US based publishing company aiming to offer peer-reviewed research journals and science focused opinion journals and books. Our scientific interest covers a wide range of academic disciplines, but mostly focuses on life science.

SciencePower Publishing House, LLC has an experienced team of publishing professionals, who supports the highest standards of peer review for its publications, with short processing times. We try to be as user friendly as possible, for both our authors and readers, with every journal focused on its unique term.

Our goal is to distribute and support high quality research papers in a timely manner, working with nationally and internationally recognized editors and reviewers.

SPPH Objectives:

The primary aim of our publishing service is to publish high quality peer-reviewed research papers and individual science opinions in wide variety of journals and books using Open Journal Systems. All of our journals are officially registered and produce online publications for every paper, which is approved within a few days.

We target a wide audience of prominent scientists worldwide. We hope we are able to timely identify upcoming research areas which lack specialized journals and launch new journals to fulfill the informational needs. We are open to new ideas and want to invite publishing with us.

SPPH is also opened to supporting and hosting already existing journals that need more professional support, advertisement, visibility and recognition.

We will support high quality for every published peer-reviewed research paper, keep readers updated about our new publications, accommodate author needs, and maximize exposure to achieve a high level of citations. Users will be able to track the progress of papers regardless of their location.